Today, I appear Podcast account 3 of 3 with T. Walker Lloyd. In Allotment 1 you get an overview of the aboriginal years of his career area he formed with the U.S. Navy SEALAB affairs on the development of the rolex replica SEA-DWELLER. You will aswell apprentice about how he went on to become a Rolex controlling and the goto guy for alive with celebrities, actors, athletes and astronauts. In Allotment 2 you apprentice about how the Rolex Day-Date got its name of "The Rolex President" and you aswell apprentice about the aback adventure of the NASA Rolex Moon Watches as able-bodied as how T. Walker Lloyd provided watches to man cine and TV stars including Tom Selleck for Magnum P.I. In Allotment 3, T. Walker shares added alluring belief about sports figures, supermodels, celebrities, and President Lyndon Johnson. I accept this is the aboriginal time in history anyone has completed a recorded account with a Rolex controlling and this is actual exciting. T. Walker is a amateur and admirer of amazing accomplishment and has a alluring and alluring personality. His acumen into what makes rolex replica tick, actually and figuratively is uncanny. I abstruse so abundant about Rolex amazing history from T. Walker, that my arch is still spinning!!! T. Walker Lloyd Podcast Series To accept to this podcast in your browser bang on the play button below. (If you are application Internet Explorer you may charge to bang the play button twice): If you wish to subscribe or accept to the podcast in iTunes amuse bang the figure below. With this advantage you can accept to the podcast for chargeless in iTunes or you can download it for chargeless to accept to on your iPod or iPhone: Jake Ehrlich - Jakes Rolex Watch Blog - Jakes Rolex Watch Blog T. Walker was not alone a Rolex executive, but a awful able Deep-Sea-Diver and abyssal expert. T. Walker Lloyd appeared in the afterward Rolex advertisement beneath and aswell formed with Peter Benchley on the above motion picture, Jaws. Part 1 of 9 The afterward images and appearance addendum go with Allotment 1, and Allotment 2 appearance addendum and images are anon beneath Allotment 1. T. Walker Lloyd Rolex Advertisement from 1974 Until I appear the adventure of Scott Carpenter and SEALAB, it was frequently believed that Rolex developed the SEA-DWELLER for the French diving company, Comex. This is partially true, but Rolex getting represented by T. Walker Lloyd, formed with SEALABs Bob Barth & Scott Carpenter on the development of the Gas or Helium Release Valve that was added to the Rolex SEA-DWELLER, thus, as arch replica watches history expert, James Dowling afresh acicular out, "The SEA-DWELLER owes added of its alpha to SEALAB than COMEX." COMEX & Rolex In Allotment 1 of the podcast alternation I allege with T. Walker Lloyd about the development of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER and we altercate COMEXs role. Here is a Comex ad from that timeframe. Scott Carpenter & NASA Months ago I did an acutely abundant commodity about Astronaut & Aquanaut Scott Carpenter that included a podcast interview. In that account I abstruse about Scott Carpenters captivation with SEALAB on the development of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER. This is what led me to the administrator of SEALAB, Bob Barth, who led me to T. Walker Lloyd. To best accept Scott Carpenters captivation in the development of the Rolex SEA-DWELLER we accept to go aback to the NASA Mercury program. The photo beneath is of The Original 7 Mercury astronauts. Scott Carpenter is pictured in the basal appropriate duke bend of the photo. Scott Carpenter is pictured beneath at the Cape during the Mercury affairs in the aboriginal 1960s Scott Carpenter is pictured beneath with his adolescent Mercury astronaut John Glenn. John Glenn was the aboriginal American astronaut to leave Earths atmosphere and he orbited about the apple three times afore he landed. In after episodes of the T. Walker podcast account we will apprentice about how John Glenn not alone wore a Rolex but aswell about his captivation as a aqueduct amid NASA and Rolex. From NASA Astronaut to U.S. NAVY Aquanaut Scott Carpenter was the additional American to leave Earths apogee and he aswell orbited about the apple three times. Scott began his career as a U.S. Navy analysis pilot and was featured in Tome Wolfes book, The Appropriate Stuff. Carpenter again he went on to become a allotment of the U.S. Navys SEALAB program. In the photo beneath you can see Scott Carpenter cutting his Rolex Submariner on a covering strap. Jacques Cousteau Scott Carpenter abstruse about the NAVY SEALAB affairs from his pal, Jacques Cousteau. Scott Carpenter was so aggressive by what Jacques Cousteau was accomplishing that he asked the U.S. Navy if he could plan with Jacques Coustea. Jacques Cousteau was absolutely the aboriginal SEA-DWELLER with his Conshelf affairs that he developed with the French Navy in the aboriginal 1960s. Jacques Cousteau with Scott Carpenter SEALAB was absolutely the U.S. Navys adaptation of the French Conshelf. The SEALAB abode is pictured beneath aerial in dry-dock. Scott Carpenter was the arch of the dive aggregation for SEALAB and is pictured below.